Turbo 4 Player

Play the Turbo 4 Player multiplayer slot with 108 winlines. The Turbo 4 Player has 27 win lines crisscross the reels. Quick turnover jackpot guarantees minimum and maximum payouts! Jokers award mystery win prizes in all of the game modes, with turbocharged mystery win prizes in superbet mode! The colorful reels are filled with retro fruit symbols, like bells, bars, sevens, stars, and jokers. Game features include JOKER MYSTERY WIN SYMBOLS that award MYSTERY WINS in all of the different game modes. In SUPERBET mode, JOKER MYSTERY WIN SYMBOLS award higher value MYSTERY WIN prizes and the prize values increase based upon how many JOKER MYSTERY WIN SYMBOLS are visible on the reels. All bets feed a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT that features guaranteed minimum and maximum payouts. The odds of winning the PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT increase with higher stakes.
There is a guaranteed MYSTERY JACKPOT payout when it hits the maximum jackpot value of 5,000 EUR. Higher stakes increase the chances of winning the MYSTERY JACKPOT. Bets made with bonus money do not qualify for MYSTERY JACKPOT payouts.