Multiplayer 4 Player

The Multiplayer 4 Player slot is based on the first and best multiplayer ever. Play the Multiplayer 4 Player with SUPERBET and try to win the BIG or MEGA WIN. Look for special double symbols on the reels that can also pay out big, and can double your chances at hitting a winning combination!
WILD SYMBOLS appear on reels B, C, D and E and substitute for all symbols. WILD SYMBOLS are only active in SUPERBET mode.
In SUPERBET mode, all six (6) reels are active and WILD SYMBOLS are added to the reels. WILD SYMBOLS appear on reels B, C, D and E and substitute for all symbols. When changing from GAME 1-4 MODE to SUPERBET MODE, the bet level also doubles. When three (3) WILD SYMBOLS land on a win line, the number of coins awarded is equal to the most valuable winning combination on the paytable, which is the STAR symbol combination.

These reels feature special STAR SYMBOLS that display both a FRUIT (ORANGE, PEAR, or PLUM) or a BELL symbol AND a STAR together on the same symbol. A combination of any three (3) FRUIT/BELL and STAR symbols on a win line awards a special STAR prize. These special FRUIT/BELL and STAR symbols can also complete a winning combination with regular FRUIT/BELL symbols when the fruits/bells match. Mixed STAR and FRUIT/BELL combinations award the value of three (3) FRUIT/BELL symbols.
For example: ORANGE-STAR/ ORANGE / ORANGE makes a winning combination that awards the same value as an ORANGE / ORANGE / ORANGE winning combination.