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MultiTimer Game Description:
Basic game
MultiTimer uses for the basic game reels with three prizes on the payline. 3 STAR symbols criss cross delivers 20 points. Two cherries on the 1st and 2nd reel give 4 points and a single cherry 0 or 4 points. The BAR symbol on reel 3 applies melon, pear, orange, lemon or cherry. Through the “SELECT GAME” button, the player can choose from “REEL PLAY”, “1-0 GAME” (this concerns the pub and gambling hall version).

Top Game multitimer
For the transition to the top game play first the “1/0 game”. The panels’ WIN 1 “and” 0 “are flashing. “WIN 1” will light after pressing the “START / SAVE” button (this is done in 99.9% of cases) the player wins 1 point.
The player at the multitimer now have the following options:
– Collect Points (giving 20% chance of 5 points);
– Transfer Point to one of “METERS” by briefly pressing the “START / SAVE”;
– “Automatic” play the top game by long (or twice quickly) to press “START / SAVE” (the point goes automatically to the “METER” placed with the lowest value, and then start the top game).

The Multitimer has 8 “METERS” and 1 “TOTAL” meter. For the top game the upper reels are used.
The following top games are possible:
– Bet 5 on 5 paylines. – Bet 10 on 5 paylines with Holds
– Bet 10 on 10 paylines – Bet 20 on 10 paylines with Holds
– Bet 20 on 10 paylines each Wild symbol gives a mystery between 10-200
– Bet 40 on 10 paylines with two Nudges A prize will be divided in proportion to the stakes on “METERS”.

If the “TOTAL METERS” contains more than 1000, one or several meters will be collected. The maximum per “METER” is 200 points. If this number is reached, automatically collect the “METER”.